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Commercial Fishing on Lake Superior
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From the fjords of Norway to the isolated, rugged shoreline of Lake Superior, the Museum's exhibits take you across the cultural landscape of North Shore commercial fishermen and their families. Tours the North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum's professional exhibits and immerse yourself in this unique maritime way of life!

Can't make it to the Museum or would like a preview of the Museum's permanent exhibit content? Take a… Virtual Tour of Museum

These exhibits are sure to inspire! Don't miss out on the many exhibits making a limited appearance at the Museum…Plan your visit around one of the many… Rotating Exhibits

Interested in North Shore architectural history? Check out the Museum's… Fish House Exhibit

From the stories about surviving the raging seas of the Lake to the details of traditional North Shore boat building techniques, you can hear the stories directly from the fishermen themselves by checking out… Fishermen's Voices Exhibit

Curators are the ones responsible for the ideas and development of exhibits. Would you like to work with Museum professionals and share your own personal photos, artifacts or family memorabilia as it relates to the maritime history of Lake Superior? Learn more about the Museum's… Community Curator Program


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